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full subtitles (Indian + English)
The Emerald Forest[1985]DVDrip-VG
DVDrip VG -- Indian spoken parts
The Emerald Forest (1985)-[Sub.Eng-Swe]-DvdRip-H.264-[Amazonas-Smaragdskogen]
Emerald Forest, The (1985)
The Emerald Forest 1985-[Sub.Eng-Swe]-DvdRip-H.264-[Amazonas-Smaragdskogen]
PAL 25fps (only foreign parts) -C (PAL 25fps
NTSC 23fps (only foreign parts) -C (NTSC 23fps
This version is fixed for 2CD
PAL 25fps (only foreign parts) CD1: 0:55:43 CD2: 0:53:27 -C (PAL 25fps