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Stranger Than Fiction (2000)
Stranger Than Fiction  Poster

Stranger Than Fiction (2000) Subtitles

Also Known As : Am Anfang war ein Mord, Asesinos por accidente, Calafrio!, Cudnije od fikcije, Extraña ficción, Stranger than fiction - Un incubo senza fine, Un crime peut en cacher un autre, Zontas ton efialti, Stranger Than Fiction

Genre:  Comedy, Thriller

Movie Director:  Eric Bross

Movie Stars:  Mackenzie Astin, Todd Field, Dina Meyer

MPAA Rate:  R

Summary:  While waiting for their flight in a bar of an airport, the writer Donovan Miller tells the story of his best-seller to a stranger to kill time. In Salt Lake City, Violet Madison, Austin Walker, Emma Scarlett and Jared Roth are good friends. After going together to a bar, Jared comes wounded to Austin's apartment in the late night and confesses that he is gay and has just killed a man in his apartment. He asks to his friends to help him to vanish with the body of the victim. The group agrees, and after many incidents, Violet stresses, jeopardizing the group. When Violet is found hanged in her house, many secrets are disclosed.

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