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Sex And The City S1E06 - Secret Sex [RavyDavy]
Sex And The City - 1x07 - The Monogamists
Sex And The City S6E16 - Out Of The Frying Pan
Sex And The City S1E02 - Models And Mortals [RavyDavy]
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:S3E18 Cock A Doodle Doo [RavyDavy]
:, BG Ned, S01 E09, The Turtle and the Hare
:03x12 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
:S3E01 Where There's Smoke [RavyDavy]
:S3E14 Sex And Another City
:S1E08 Three's A Crowd
:03x11 Running With Scissors
:[2x18] Ex and the City
:SATC S01E05 The Power Of Female Sex
:S3E16 Frenemies
:03x07 Drama Queens [RavyDavy]
:S2E10 The Caste System
:S5E07 The Big Journey [RavyDavy]
:S4E13 The Good Fight [RavyDavy]
:S1E12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful [RavyDavy]
:S2E05 Four Women And A Funeral
:S4E03 Defining Moments [RavyDavy]
:S2E02 The Awful Truth
:S4E09 Sex And The Country [RavyDavy]
:S3E17 What Goes Around Comes Around
:S4E01 The Agony And The 'ex'tasy RavyDavy
:S2E11 Evolution [RavyDavy]
:S6E14 The Ick Factor [RavyDavy]
:S3E03 Attack Of The 5'10'' Woman [RavyDavy]
:6x11 The Domino Effect