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Sex And The City S1E06 - Secret Sex [RavyDavy]-est(1)
Sex And The City S2E01 - Take Me Out To The BallGame [RavyDavy]-est
:Sex And The City S2E01
:S2E02 The Awful Truth [RavyDavy]
:2x06 The Cheating Curve
:2x09 Est
:1x04 Valley Of The Twentysomethings
:S1E03 Bay Of Married Pigs
:S2E12 La Douleur Exquise [RavyDavy]
:S1E07 The Monogamists
:S1E10 The Baby Shower
:2x11 Evolution
:1x02 Models And Mortals
:S1E06 Secret Sex
:S1E05 The Power Of Female Sex
:2x04 They Shoot Single People, Don't They
:2x8 The Man, The Myth, The Viagra
:2x03 The Freak Show Est
:1x12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful
:S1E9 The Turtle And The Hare