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The Unit 1x02 - Stress
:S04 E04 HDTV
:S04 E10 HDTV
:S04 E14 HDTV
:[3x11] Side Angle Side
:[3x09] Binary Explosion
:[3x07] Five Brothers
:S04 E05 HDTV
:S04 E02 HDTV
:S04 E09 HDTV
:S04 E08 HDTV
:416 Hill 60
:421 Endgame
:S04 E19 HDTV
:S04 E11 HDTV
:406 Inquisition
:417 Flesh & Blood
:S04 E15 HDTV
:S04 E13 HDTV
:422 Unknown Soldier
:401 Sacrifice
:4x20 Chaos Theory
:[3x06] M P 's
:[3x10] Gone Missing
:[3x08] Play 16
:[3x01] Pandemonium Part1
:[3x04] Every Step You Take
:[3x03] Always Kiss Them Goodbye
:[3x02] Pandemonium Part2