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4x01 - Roswell that Ends Well
07.26 - Meanwhile
Futurama - 2x05 - Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x09 - A Bicyclops Built For Two [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x16 - Anthology of Interest I [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 3x06 - Bendless Love [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x06 - Lesser of Two Evils [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x04 - Xmas Story [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x02 - Brannigan, Begin Again [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x11 - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x14 - Mother's Day [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 3x04 - The Luck of the Fryrish [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 3x02 - Parasites Lost [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x13 - Bender Gets Made [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x18 - The Honking [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x12 - The Deep South [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 2x15 - The Problem with Popplers [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 3x15 - I Dated A Robot [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 4x03 - Love and Rocket [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 4x02 - Leela's Homeworld [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 3x21 - Futurestock [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 4x08 - Crimes of the Hot [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 4x15 - The Farnsworth Parabox [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 4x11 - Where No Fan Has Gone Before [720p] [x264] [AAC]
Futurama - 09x01 - The Bots and the Bees
07.24 - Murder on the Planet Express
Futurama Sn6 Ep19 - Ghost in the Machines, BluRay - Cool Release
Futurama - S07E05 - Zapp Dingbat
Futurama - 07x15 - Fry and Leela's Big Fling.WEB-DL-CtrlHD.English.HI.C.orig
Futurama - 07x09 - Free Will Hunting.CtrlHD.English.C.orig
3x12 - Insane in the Mainframe