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ALF - Season 1 - eng - nosub
:3x18 Standing In The Shadows Of Love
:ALF 1x01 A L F
ALF S01EP18 - The Border Song.avi
:ALF 1x12 Oh, Tannerbaum
:ALF 1x08 Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue
:alf s01e16 17 try to remember dvdrip xvid internal crntv
:alf s01e03 looking for lucky real read nfo dvdrip xvid crntv
:3x17 Running Scared
ALF S01EP15 - Ive Got A New Attitude.avi
:alf s01e05 keepin the faith dvdrip xvid crntv
:alf s01e13 mother and child reunion dvdrip xvid crntv
:ALF 1x09 Jump
:3x13 Hide Away
:alf s01e18 border song dvdrip xvid crntv
ALF S01EP13 - Mother and Child Reunion.avi
:ALF 1x06 For Your Eyes Only
:ALF 1x14 A Little Bit Of Soap
:ALF 1x10 Baby You Can Drive My Car
:3x15 Suspicious Minds
:alf s01e19 wild thing dvdrip xvid crntv
:ALF 1x07 Help Me, Rhonda
:ALF 1x15 I've Got A New Attitude
:ALF 1x02 Strangers In The Night
:3x03 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
:ALF 1x20 Going Out Of My Head Over You
:s02e14 the boy next door dvdrip xvid memetic
:2x18 Someone To Watch Over Me Part 2
:2x23 I'm Your Puppet
:S02E03 Take A Look At Me Now DVDRip XviD SAiNTS
:S02E08 Somethings Wrong With Me DVDRip XviD SAiNTS