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:1x15 I''ve Got A New Attitude
Al'f_1x07_Pomogi mne, Ronda_Help Me Rhonda[]
:1x02 Strangers In The Night
:1x03 Looking For Lucky
ALF Series Season 3 - [one4all]
Alf - 4x12 - Fever.en
:1x11 On The Road Again
:1x04 Pennsylvania 6 5000
:1x06 For Your Eyes Only
:1x16 1x17 Try to Remember
:1x18 The Border Song
:1x14 A Little Bit Of Soap
:1x20 Going Out Of My Head Over You
:1x21 Lookin'' Through the Windows
:1x23 The Gambler
:1x24 Weird Science
:1x19 Wild Thing
:1x25 La Cucaracha
ALF Series Season 2 - [one4all]
:1x26 Come Fly With Me
:S02E12 13
Alf - 1x26 - Come Fly With Me.DVD.en