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Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996)
Jackie Chan's First Strike  Poster

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996) Vietnamese Subtitles

Also Known As : Jackie Chan's First Strike, Contre-attaque, Első csapás, Ensi-isku, Final Project, First Strike, First Strike - Jackie Chans Erstschlag, Impacte inminent, Impacto inminente, Jackie Chans Erstschlag, Jing cha gu shi 4: Zhi jian dan ren wu, Police Story 4: First Strike, Primeiro Golpe, Prvi udarac, To proto htypima, Jackie Chan's First Strike

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Comedy

Movie Director:  Stanley Tong

Movie Stars:  Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu, Annie Wu

MPAA Rate:  PG-13

Summary:  Jackie, a cop, participates in a sting operation on an international spy-ring. But when one of them (Tsui) gets away, Jackie is ordered to apprehend him. This leads Jackie all over the globe starting with Tsui's sister in Australia. The story follows him as he tries to stay alive and capture the villain.

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