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Lovejoy - S01E02 - The Axeman Cometh
:04X12 Taking the Pledge
:04X13Loses It
:04X08 God Helps Those
:03X14 The Prague Sun
:05X08 Poetic Licence
:05X02 Who is the Fairest of Them All
:04X11 Dainty Dish
:04X10 Irish Stew
:04X07 The Galloping Major
:04X05 Fly the Flag
:04X04 The Colour of Money
:03X13 Highland Fling part 2
:03X06 Eric of Arabia
:02X08 Sugar and Spice
:02X02 The Italian Venus
:01X09 Death and Venice (1)
:05X12 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
:05X06 Ducking and Diving
:05X05 Three Men and a Brittle Lady
:05X04 The Kakiemon Tiger
:03X08 Loveknots
:03X04 Angel Trousers
:01X05 The Judas Pair
:06X02 Day of Reckoning