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Undeclared - S01 - E08 - Addicts - DVD-por
S01E16 (Hal and Hilary)
S01E04 (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs)
S01E14 (The Day After)
S01E13 (Truth or Dare)
S01E12 (Hell Week)
S01E11 (Rush and Pledge)
S01E10 (Eric Visits Again)
S01E09 (Parents' Weekend)
S01E08 (God Visits)
S01E07 (Addicts)
S01E06 (The Assistant)
S01E05 (Sick in The Head)
S01E03 (Eric Visits)
S01E02B (Full Bluntal Nugety)
S01E02 (So You Have a Boyfriend)
S01E01 (Prototype)
S01E17 (Eric's POV)
S01E15 (The Perfect Date)