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(506) High Anxiety
:Dawsons Creek s01e10 Double Date
:Dawsons Creek s01e07 Detention
:Dawsons Creek s01e06 Baby
:Dawsons Creek s02e18 A Perfect Wedding
:203Alternate Lifestyles
:Dawsons Creek s01e04 Discovery
:Dawsons Creek s01e09 Roadtrip
:Dawsons Creek s02e21 Changes
:205Full Moon Rising
:Dawsons Creek s02e20 Reunited
:Dawsons Creek s01e12 Beauty Contest
:Dawsons Creek s02e16 Be Careful What You Wish For
:Dawsons Creek s01e11 The Scare
:Dawsons Creek s01e13 Decisions
:Dawsons Creek s01e05 Hurricane
:Dawsons Creek s01e08 Boyfriend
:Dawsons Creek s02e22 Parental Discretion Advised
:206The Dance
:201The Kiss
:Dawsons Creek s02e17 Psychic Friends
:Dawsons Creek s02e15 That Is The Question (Part2)
:204Tamara's Return
:Dawsons Creek s02e19 Rest In Peace