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MSW S01E16 Tough Guys Don't Die
MSW S01E06 Lovers And Other Killers
MSW S01E08 Were Off To Kill The Wizard
MSW S01E07 Hit Run And Homicide
MSW S01E09 Death Takes A Curtain Call
Release info: MSW S01E10 Death Casts A Spell
MSW S01E12 Broadway Maladay
MSW S01E11 Capitol Offense
Release info: MSW S01E13 Murder To A Jazz Beat
MSW S01E01 The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes
MSW S01E02 Deadly Lady
MSW S01E03 Birds Of A Feather
Release info: MSW S01E05 Its A Dogs Life
Release info: MSW S01E04 Hooray For Homicide