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:S01E01 This Show is Called
:S02E14 Rebel with a Claus
:S02E13 A Sober Sunday
:S02E12 Survival of the Dumbest
:S02E11 Terminus Trouble
:S02E10 Burned and Reburned Again
:S02E09 Bubba Trubba
:S02E08 Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust
:S02E07 The Tiniest Princess
:S02E06 Meth O D to My Madness
:S02E05 Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble
:S02E04 Swayze Crazy
:S02E03 Double Truckin' the Tricky Two
:S02E02 Butt Trouble
:S02E01 Government Brain Voodoo Trouble
:S01E06 Office Politics Trouble
:S01E05 Family Trouble
:S01E04 Chalky Trouble
:S01E03 School Days, Fool Days
:S01E02 Take This Job and Love It