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Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu (1993) Arabic Subtitles

Also Known As : The Evil Cult, A gonosz papjai, Evil Cult, I airesi tou Kakou, Kung Fu Cult Master, Kung Fu Master, Le sette spade della vendetta, Lord of the Wu Tang, Pahan kultti, The Swordmaster, Yi tin to lung gei: Ji moh gaau gaau jue

Genre:  Action, Fantasy, History

Movie Stars:  Jet Li, Sharla Cheung, Chingmy Yau

Summary:  A wild and rollicking martial arts fantasy extravaganza that features prized swords -- and swordsmen, a crazy monk attached to a rolling boulder (yup!), serious clan and cult rivalries, and lots of magic and flying.

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