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3x18 - House Arrest
3x13 - Mad Dogs and Servicemen
3x12 - A Full Rich Day
3x10 - There is Nothing Like a Nurse
3x05 - O.R
3x04 - Iron Guts Kelly
3x03 - Officer of the Day
3x01 - The General Flipped at Dawn
2x19 - The Chosen People
2x17 - For Want of a Boot
2x15 - Officers Only
2x14 - Hot Lips and Empty Arms
2x13 - Deal Me Out
2x11 - Carry On, Hawkeye
2x10 - The Sniper
2x08 - The Trial of Henry Blake
2x06 - Kim
2x05 - Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde
2x03 - Radar's Report
2x01 - Divided We Stand