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Wild at Heart (1990)
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Wild at Heart (1990) Farsi/Persian Subtitles

Also Known As : Corazón salvaje, Atithasi kardia, Coração Selvagem, Cuore selvaggio, David Lynch's Wild at Heart, Divji v srcu, Divlji u srcu, Dzikosc serca, Lev Praee, Sailor & Lula, Sailor et Lula, Salvaje de corazón, Um Coração Selvagem, Vahsi duygular, Veszett a világ, Vilde hjerter, Villi sydän, Wild at Heart - Die Geschichte von Sailor und Lula, Wild at Heart

Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Romance

Movie Director:  David Lynch

Movie Stars:  Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, Willem Dafoe

MPAA Rate:  NC-17

Summary:  Lula's psychopathic mother goes crazy at the thought of Lula being with Sailor, who just got free from jail. Ignoring Sailor's probation, they set out for California. However their mother hires a killer to hunt down Sailor. Unaware of this, the two enjoy their journey and themselves being together... until they witness a young woman dying after a car accident - a bad omen.

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