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Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.S06E02.All That Matters
5x24 His Father's Son
5x23 Starting Over
5x22 Before the Dawn
5x21 The Body Electric
5x20 Hostage
5x18 5x19 A House Divided
5x17 Colleen's Paper
5x16 The Most Fatal Disease
5x15 Farewell Appearance
5x14 The Dam
5x13 Season Of Miracles
5x12 A Place To Die
5x11 Seperate But Equal
5x10 The Tempest
5x09 Legend
5x08 Remember Me
5x07 Right or Wrong
5x06 Last Dance
5x04 All That Glitters
5x03 Malpractice
5x02 Having It All
5x01 Runaway Train
4x26 When A Child Is Born Part 1
4x25 One Nation
4x23 Last Chance
4x22 Woman Of The Year
4x21 Reunion
4x20 Hearts and Minds
4x19 An Eye For An Eye
4x18 Deal With the Devil
4x17 Dead or Alive Pt 2
4x16 Dead or Alive Pt 1
4x15 The Iceman Cometh
4x09 One Touch of Nature
4x08 The Expedition
4x07 Promises, Promises
4x06 Dorothy's Book