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:S02 E03 Her Best Friend's Bottom
:S02 E09 The end of the line
:S02 E08 Naked
:S02 E02 The Man With Two Legs
:S02 E06 Gotcha
:S02 E04 The Melty Man Cometh
:02x02 My Dinner In Hel
:02x04 T10
:01x01 Flushed
:03x07 Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
:01x06 The Cupboard of Patricks Love
:02x01 The Man with Two Legs
:02x07 Dressed
:03x03 Unconditional Sex
:01x03 Sex, Death and Nudity
:02x05 Jane And The Truth Snake
:03x01 Split
:02x06 Gotcha
:01x02 Size Matters
:01x04 Inferno
:02x03 Her Best Friend's Bottom