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Married With Children Reunion Special
s08e10 - Dances with Weezy
s08e01- A Tisket, a Tasket, Can Peg Make a Basket
s08e02 - Hood in the Boyz
s08e03 - Proud to Be Your Bud
s08e05 - Banking on Marcy
s08e07 - Take My Wife, Please
s08e08 - Scared Single
s08e20 - The D'Arcy Files
s08e12 - A Little Off the Top
s08e11 - Change for a Buck
s08e13 - The Worst Noel
s08e16 - How Green Was My Apple
s08e17 - Valentine's Day Massacre
s08e18 - Get Outta Dodge
s08e26 - Kelly Knows Something
s08e23 - The Legend of Ironhead Haynes
s08e24 - Assault and Batteries
:4x13 Who Will Stop The Rain
:[02x03] Poppy's By The Tree parte 2
:[02x02] Poppy's By The Tree parte 1