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Elephants Can Remember
Poirot S05E08 - The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan (1993)
Poirot S05E07 - Dead Man's Mirror (1993)
Poirot S12E02 - Three Act Tragedy (2010)
Poirot S05E03 - Yellow Iris (1993)
Poirot S12E03 - Halloween Party (2010)
Agatha Christie - Poirot - 5x06 - Chocolate Box - David Suchet - (1993)-por
Agatha Christie Poirot.S12E02.Three Acts Tragedy.SONIASSRJ
Agatha Christie Poirot.S12E01.The Clocks.Legendado.SONIASSRJ
:Agatha Christie's Poirot The Clocks
:Agatha Christie Poirot 1x09 The King Of Clubs David Suchet (1989)
:Agatha Christie Poirot 3x08 The Theft of the Royal Ruby David Suchet (1991)
:Poirot Appointment with Death
:Agatha Christie Poirot 3x03 The Affair at the Victory Ball David Suchet (1991)
:Agatha Christie Poirot 4x01&02 The ABC Murders David Suchet (1992)
:Agatha Christie Poirot 5x05 The Adventure of The Italian Nobleman David Suchet (1993)
:04 1 4 (29 Jan 89) Four and Twenty Blackbirds
:Agatha Christie Poirot 2x04 The Lost Mine David Suchet (1990)
:Agatha Christie Poirot 5x03 The Yellow Iris David Suchet (1993)
:Agatha Christie's Poirot The Clocks
:Agatha Christie Poirot 5x01 The Adventure Of The Egyptian Tomb David Suchet (1993)
:Poirot S12E01 Three Act Tragedy HDTV XviD SFM