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Tru Calling - 1x02 - Putting Out Fires
Tru Calling - 2x05 - Enough
Tru Calling - 2x03 - In The Dark
Tru Calling - 1x06 - Star Crossed
Tru Calling - 1x02 - Putting Out Fires
Tru Calling 1x18 - Rear Window
Tru Calling 1x17 - Death Becomes Her
Tru Calling 1x10 - Reunion
Tru Calling 1x03 - Brother's Keeper
Tru Calling 1x02 - Putting Out Fires
:[1x10] Reunion
:[1x03] Brother's Keeper
:1x04 Past Tense(0000040250)
:1x08 Closure
:[1x11] The Longest Day
:[1x18] Rear Window
:1x05 Haunted(0000040249)
:1x05 Haunted
:[1x16] Two Pair
:1x06 Star Crossed
:1x01 Pilot
:[1x13] Drop Dead Gorgeous
:2x01 Perfect Storm
:[1x08] Closure
:2x04 Last Good Day
:1x07 Morning After
:1x12 Valentine v1
:2x06 T'was the Night Before Christmas Again
:[1x09] Murder in the Morgue
:[1x14] Daddy's Girl